How do Workplace integrations help me get work done?

Workplace integrations extend the functionality of Workplace in several ways:
  • Some integrations extend the Workplace composer on web and mobile to make it easier to share content from other tools and services with your coworkers.
  • Other integrations allow Workplace to generate a secure preview of the private links shared on Workplace, for example, from your team's task management tool or a link to a file uploaded to a cloud storage service.
  • Integrations that enable bots in Workplace Chat can ping you with urgent notifications (for example: When you have a visitor waiting for you in reception) or can automate common workflows like stock checking, booking leave, filing expenses and more.
  • You can also enable content to be automatically posted into a group from a range of media publishers, or set up a custom feed from any tool or service that supports RSS or Atom.
To see the range of integrations available for Workplace, visit our Integration Directory.
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